Health Partnership Awards 2022
Health Partnership Awards 2022

「Health Partnership Awards 2021」 Ceremony Highlight

Judge’s Words

Health Day (Coming Soon)

Late Sep 2022

The Health Day is a derived webinar event organising in late September 2022, aiming to share more health and wealth related information to the public.

Message of Organiser

Mr. Eddy Lai

General Manager, ET Net Limited

隨著科技的發展及社會的進步, 大家對健康生活有了更深的認識和理解, 亦明白到身心健康才是人生最大的財富!所以經濟通多年來一直不遺餘力推廣身心健康內容。



Since 2020, most of us have already experienced unprecedented physical and psychological health challenges. At the same time, it awakens the public’s awareness and concerns about how to manage their wealth and life healthily and with quality under the unpredictable public health situation.

The third consecutive year for ET Net's Health Partnership Awards aims to use the theme "Cherish your Health, Smile to the Wealth (願康迎富 持續優雅)" to promote the importance of balancing health, wealth, and lifestyle, as well as to award the outstanding contributors, including the Healthcare / Finance Products, Services, and Enterprises, who support the public health along the way for all people.

With health, you have the energy to manage your wealth; with wealth, you have the space to improve the quality of life of yourself; with quality life, you have the chance to live with better health. Stepping into 2022, it is time for us to highlight the interrelation of these three elements and learn to live healthier wisely.

Award Categories
  • Beauty & Fitness
  • Digital Health and Technology
  • Health & Personal Care Product
  • Health Food & Supplement
  • Health Protection & Planning
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Medical & Professional Service
  • Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Wellness & Therapeutic

Health Partnership Awards 2022

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