Health Partnership Awards 2021

A Healthier Tomorrow




It is the Second
Consecutive year

It is the second consecutive year for ET Net to organise the Health Partnership Awards, aiming to recognize the achievements of enterprises who contribute outstanding efforts to support the development of Healthcare Products, Services, and Enterprises.
The theme this year is“A Healthier Tomorrow (面對明天的自己)” which wants to raise people awareness of lifelong health and wellness, as well as to honors the stakeholders engage in the health-related industries and their extraordinary efforts toward fulfilling the goals, values, and mission of improving people’s health. 2020 has been a difficult year where most of us have experienced unprecedented physical and psychological health challenges.
It is a year that also reminds us of the value of health and time, they are our priceless treasures. Coming to 2021, we believe it is a year full of possibilities. Health brings us hope. With our healthiest health at present, we can explore the possibilities ahead.

Message of Organiser

Mr. Eddy Lai


Health Partnership Awards 2021

Winners Announcement